2001-08-17 14:05
A quick update. I added the voice of reason original demo and the songs off the split to our mp3.com page. A big announcement is coming .

2001-07-02 02:21
BRAND NEW LOOK! I would like to thanks Matt from West Coast World Wide and Make Out Club for helping pass the word on the new song from voice of reason which you can DL here. I really would like to thanks everyone that down loaded it, the reaction was more then I expected. more news soon.

2001-05-25 01:01
Wow! so its been a long time since I updated. I have been really busy with work and the label. We finally got out the BLOODSHOT HOOLIGANS 7" I cant tell you how much went into making sure we had them for the day of the show if anyone would like one you can get one threw me by sending 4 bucks to : Jason Alex / p.o.box 1126 / Orange , CT 06477. Recording is coming up soon I think about 5 days and I still have not finished writing. I added a new wallpaper to the journal section. On a side note I am not friends with someone that was very close to me for many years of my life part of me wants to forgive but the other part cant look past what he did and the way he treats some of my other friends I really think they should think about the things they have done. For a limited time I have posted the entire VOR album for free to down load www.mp3.com/avoiceofreason . VOR will also be part of the Skratch Magazine WARPED TOUR CD they chose "Still the Same" I will post more info as I find out about it. New SAVES THE DAY rules my world I think it comes out in July everyone should get it. I also get to go to the ESPN X-Games for work and hand out cool stuff. That's all I can think of for now.

2001-05-01 16:59
Added a new front page. I really like the way it came out. I saw the idea on another site and wanted to give it a try. Recording is coming up soon.

2001-04-26 2:27
On May 30th and 31st some of the remaining members of VOR and two other members from another certain CT band will be getting together to finish up some of the last stuff we ever recorded. We are recording with Paul Opalach at Long Hill and should turn out to be interesting. One of the songs is for the upcoming CT Brotherhood comp and the other songs are being used for a bunch of cool things I will tell you about when the time is right. Jamey Hatebreed also helped write and produce one!!

2001-04-03 01:19
So what's new with me? First off for those who do not know a voice of reason is no more. After 4 long years we have decided to take a "long long not in this lifetime" break. A part of me is sad to see it go but we must move ahead. I have not giving up on the music thing I am still busy writing and working on "the true romance" record which I hope to finish recording soon. I have also started a record label with my great friend and singer of Dead Wrong Ivan. Why start a label you ask...Well after the whole Triple Crown thing I really felt that no band should have to be put in that position and be tied down. I very excited to be working with the BLOODSHOT HOOLIGANS and DEAD WRONG two of CT's best new bands. Be on the look out for West Coast Worldwide fanzine they just did the last AVOR interview I will try to get it up here. I am sure I am forgetting something but heck that's what this site is for for me to just post whatever the hell I want!

P.S. Everyone buy the new Thursday record "Full Collapse" and the new Ensign when they come out!!! "The True Seeker must, before all else, cleanse his heart..."

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