Madball - Hold It Down El N Gee Dec 2002
Download here
Carry On - Off My Chest from back to school jam 2001Download here
Terror - Nothing to me @ El N GEE 10/02 Download here
Gorilla Biscuts "Distance" Download here
Reach The Sky "Year and a smile" Download here
Sick of It All "Clobberin time" Download here
Poison The Well "Artists Rendering of Me" Lupo's, RI
This video is the shit!
Visit there site here
Download Here (cable,dsl,t1) or Real file
Shadows Fall " Crushing Belial " Lupo, RI
Sorry about the shitty angle.
Visit there site here
Download Here (cable,dsl,t1) or Real file
Thursday "Concealer" El n Gee
the sound was bad but Thursday did not let us down.
visit their site
Download here (cable,dsl,t1)
Real Player File
My friends in The Movielife made this video for their song "single white female". Trinsik and I digitized it and have never seen this online, so I asked Vinnie if he would mind if I put it up and he said to go for it. Look for their new ep on Drive thru in Nov.
download here 3.48mb
real player version here
Ever wanted to rail those benchs at the mall? Maybe even light them on fire?
download here 896kb
real player version here
If only we could light all our neighbors windows on fire.
download here 1.24mb
real player version here

This one speaks for itself. Don't play with paint thinner and
matches at work.

download here 1.87mb
real player version here


As a service to all I have added more video of Big "E". This is a great series titled "special friends" its broken down into two parts. part one and part two here is part two (this one is the best) in real player format
Hear Big "E" talk about
his job

American Nightmare - "Please Die" download here or real player
visit them at
American Nightmare online or buy the record at Bridge 9
Chris likes playing with fire part 1 and part 2
Poison the well "Slice Paper Wrists" two versions
low band real player file looks like shit and the super huge 9mb version