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Name : Jason
Position : Head Chief
Email : Jason@JasonAlex.com
Edge : Negative
"The photo on the side sucks!"
Name : Ivan
Position : Asst. / Reviews
Email : Ivan@JasonAlex.com
Edge : without a doubt
"kid, what do you want I am shot"
Name : Matt
Position : Reviews / Interviews / Pissboy
Email : Matt@JasonAlex.com
Edge : Not anymore.
personal quote n/a

Name : Al
Position : Video game reviews / interviews / writing
Email : Al@JasonAlex.com
Edge : He wanted me to tell everyone "I'll take a beer anytime"
"You'll always have a safe ride in a bulletproof popemobile."

Name : Stephanie Hunter
Position : Interviews / Making Jasonalex.com more "girl" friendly =)
Email : Stephanie@JasonAlex.com
Edge :
note from jason : Guy's shes cute and single so email away.