MTJ did this great interview with Dwid from INTEGRITY the other night. Check it out!
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Ok, lets get the generic shit out of the way first. Integrity has had some lineup changes over the years. Who is currently playing in Integrity?
Dwid : Blaze on guitar, Mike Jochum on guitar, Chubbz on drums, Violent Steve on bass, I'm Dwid I scream.

It was just announced within the last few days that you will be working with Deathwish Inc. for the next Integrity release. How did it come about that Integrity and Deathwish have teamed up?
Dwid : Thanks to you (Jay) and Kevin Hope Con! Its really refreshing to be on a label that believes in us. Its an amazing feeling, totally inspiring.

What kind of things can we expect from the new record? Is it going to be anything like Closure or the Integrity2000 records?
Dwid : Its definitely not like those 2 records. We have an MP3 floating around that you can listen to. I think it sound alot like some of the stuff we were making when we first started. what do you think?

It seem you guys have used the Mars Recording Compound pretty exclusively for your past releases. Are you going to be recoring there again for the new record?
Dwid : actually this time we are working with Ben at SPIDER studios (ringworm, chimaira, olc) we did our demo there and had a really great experience with his recording process.

The artwork Pushead did on Humanity is the Devil, and Stephan Kasner's art on Seasons in the Size of Days were great. For the new record, who, if anyone yet, will be doing the artwork?
Dwid : We have 2 ideas and havent decided one which direction we are going to take with the artwork. The title is 'bringing it back'

How did you get Lemmy from Motorhead to do the intro on the Final Taste of Every Sin CD?
Dwid : hahahaha we were drinking buddies.

Your new website,, has a bunch of upcoming tours listed. Over the years, who would you say would be your favorite bands to tour with?
Dwid : we played with a lot of great bands. Its hard to say. every one of them have a great story behind them. NEUROSIS were alot of fun, UNDERDOG were great guys, JUDGE was a cool band to play with Porcell is awesome.

What new bands are you currently listening to?
Dwid : The Promise, Vegas, Terror, Champion, Step To This, Strength For a Reason, Krutch

It seems that as of late, more and more underground bands are getting mainstream recognition. What's your take on all that?
Dwid : Its a crazy time for hardcore. I suppose most people have finally grown bored of being spoonfed 'mainstream' music and looked for something more pure. Thats the only way I can explain hardcores recent popularity.

I remember a while back seeing a video for Systems Overload. Do you think with the new record coming out that Integrity will be making anymore music vids?
Dwid : yeah, we are working on one for this new DEATHWISH cd. Its not gonna be like the 'systems' one.

What do you see in the near future for Integrity?
Dwid : finish the record, go on tour and hopefully not come home until its time to record the next one.

Any shoutouts, plugs, or other misc. shit?
Dwid : Theres so many. thanks to you jay for all your support, to kev, to jake for believing in our music, to all our friends, to the zunks.