Comeback Kid is a hardcore band that hails from Winnipeg, Canada. They are taking the hardcore scene by storm. We got to talk with them and find out what's next for the almighty CBK. Tell me who you are and what you do in Come Back Kid
ScottCBK: My name is Scott Wade and I rock the mic in Comeback Kid. How did comback kid come together?
ScottCBK: A little of three years ago, I brought up the idea of starting a hardcore band with guitar player Andrew, the type of hardcore we love, fast, hard, yet melodic at times. We had a slow start cause we share members with Figure Four and they were touring heavily when we first began a band. We had Kyle and Jeremy from the start as well, later finding Cliff to fill the bass slot. CBK seems to have popped out of no where, did you guys release anything before the album on FACEDOWN? or tour?
ScottCBK: In some ways we might have popped out of nowhere, cause we live in Winnipeg... the middle of nowhere. We recorded a demo that was out about a year prior to our album. We re-recorded all those demo songs for the full length. A big help in getting out name out was having Figure Four spread the demo out on their tours as well as the internet, and having mp3's posted. We did play shows south of the border, but very early in the game. Once we dropped the LP we did a two month tour and have been touring as much as possible ever since. Is it hard sharing members in a band?
ScottCBK: In the beginning, I might have said yes, but the benefits have far outweighed any cons. We share the costs of a van and working visa's and that helps so much for both bands. Last year, tho, was a hectic year with so much touring for both bands, that there was little to no time to write, or for Andrew and Jeremy to even relax. This year has been set up so far in a way that things are running a lot more smoother. Who knows tho, anything can happen! Tell us about any upcoming releases, I had seen that you guys were going to do a new ep, any plans besides that?
ScottCBK: I think we're going to hold off on an EP for now and concentrate on writing our next LP. We're hoping for a fall/winter release and record at the end of summer. It's all really tentative, but that's what we're aiming for. The new stuff is coming out awesome... trying new things but staying withing our writing formulas. Would love to do a split 7" or something in the meantime, but who knows. I personally am contributing my vocals/lyrics to a song for a 4 way 7", with all the music written by Rich Thurston (ex-terror, one nation under), alongside 3 other vocalists -- George of Blacklisted, Anderson of The Promise and Damien of As Friends Rust. Should be awesome! Tell me more about this 4 way split thing
ScottCBK: I guess Rich is starting a new label and his idea is to have himself record the music, and then send the music to each singer to write lyrics and record their vocals over the track, and it would become a 4 way split 7". cool. What are some of the bands CBK likes to tour with and play with, you guys seem to play with a lot of different bands
ScottCBK: I love playing with bands I like... I love hardcore, and music in general. It's awesome to play with bigger bands to get your band into hears that may have never heard you, but I really love playing the shows with bands that I'm stoked on, especially in small clubs with a lot of kids. We just wrapped up a tour with The Distance and Blacklisted, 2 amazing new and up and coming core bands... not only that, but awesome dudes to hangout with, which makes touring all that much more fun. I love making new friends! what's next on the touring front?
ScottCBK: We head out in March with With Honor and Scars Of Tomorrow, with Killing The Dream alongside for a bit as well, along the West Coast, hitting Facedown Fest along the way. We get home for a few weeks and then go back out again with Bleeding Through, hitting the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, as well as a bunch of dates in and around there, with a few stops in Canada. That'll keep us busy until May! Outside of CBK what keeps you busy?
ScottCBK: I used to work really bad jobs... telemarketing, and bouncing from one to another every time we got home, but CBK has now turned into a full time thing, I just come home and hangout haha. I like to try and do stuff for the local scene here in Winnipeg when I can. I used to do a lot more shows, so when I can I'll put on a HC show. Other than that I just hangout with my girlfriend and watch shows with dumb people like "The Simple Life" (sorry jay) and "Hooked Up". Life is gooood! Where would you like to see CBK in a few years? Would you ever consider being on a major label?
ScottCBK: Ahhh. Hmmm. It's really hard to say. To be honest, I don't think I would like to see CBK on a major. We're a HC band... it's very rare a HC band can make that jump and succeed. I am definitelyinto having a larger and broader audience, and having more people hearing our music, I just don't know if a major is the answer to that. I think touring with different types of bands helps spread our music. Some hate the idea of having "outsiders" in the HC scene, but I don't want be boxed in and limit our audience, you know. Basically Jay... we wanna be on MTV cribs and I'm going to be flossin a diamond 'CBK' necklace, chillin with Ozzy! any last comments?